A Guide about Horseback Riding in Denver

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Hey there! If you’re looking for Horseback Riding in Denver, I have some great suggestions for you to take a look that are close to Denver. Check out a few of my favorite Horseback Riding in Denver locations.





12 Mile Stables

This particular horseback riding facility is situated within the picturesque Cherry Creek State Park, offering equestrian enthusiasts a serene and scenic setting. So, in addition to providing riding lessons for individuals of all ages, including children as young as three, they also specialize in hosting various events and parties. Their comprehensive lessons focus on riding skills and encompass essential horsemanship knowledge, such as grooming, saddling, and primary care practices. With a strong emphasis on safety and proper technique, riders receive personalized instruction tailored to their skill level, ensuring a rewarding and educational experience for all.

Cottonwood Riding Club

Cottonwood Riding Club spans 100 acres and sits adjacent to Chatfield State Park, just outside Denver in Littleton, Colorado. So, their expansive facility provides access to scenic trails adorned with majestic 100-year-old Cottonwood trees, offering an idyllic setting for equestrian activities. Remember that they specialize in professional training across various disciplines, including Western, English, and polo, ensuring a well-rounded experience for riders of all levels. Their facility includes four large outdoor arenas and a conditioning track. There is a pro shop, clubhouse, indoor arena, and trail access, so it is a fantastic place to take riding lessons.

Denver Equestrians Riding School

This riding school is also nestled in the charming community of Littleton, offering a comprehensive array of equestrian programs catering to riders of all ages and skill levels. From specialized riding programs tailored for adults to engaging summer camps and school-year horse camp days, there are abundant opportunities for equestrian enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of horseback riding. Private lessons provide personalized instruction to enhance riding abilities and build confidence in the saddle. It’s important to note that children as young as five can embark on their equestrian journey at this school, thanks to their dedicated classes designed specifically for young riders. The school boasts a team of experienced instructors, healthy school horses, and ponies, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Each equine companion is meticulously cared for, guaranteeing their well-being and contributing to a positive riding experience for students.

Bear Mountain Stables

Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Conifer, a mere 17 miles outside of the bustling Denver Metro Area, this esteemed equestrian school offers a diverse range of experiences for riders of all ages. With guided horseback rides tailored for adults and children aged nine and above, participants can explore the breathtaking surroundings while honing their riding skills. Whether trotting through lush meadows or cantering along wooded trails, riders enjoy spectacular views that enhance their riding experience. In addition to guided rides, the school also hosts unique occasion rides and small group events, providing a unique opportunity to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other memorable milestones in a picturesque setting. To further enhance the experience, covered picnic areas equipped with barbecue grills are available, allowing riders to enjoy a leisurely meal amidst the tranquility of nature after their ride.

Tall Horse Riding Club

Situated within the serene Coventry Farms in Littleton, Colorado, just 25 minutes from Denver, Tall Horse Riding Club is a beacon of equestrian excellence. Specializing in hunters, jumpers, and equitation, this esteemed club caters to riders of all ages, abilities, and levels, offering tailored programs to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. At the helm of this prestigious establishment is Elizabeth Fletcher Rabb, a Colorado native with a profound passion for horses cultivated over three decades. With over ten years of experience teaching riding lessons, she commits herself to empowering her clients and fostering a deep appreciation for the equestrian arts.



What do you think of these suggestions when looking for Horseback riding in Denver? I love photographing seniors when they want to include their passion for horses in the photoshoot.  So, if you’re looking for a child, family or senior photographer, please take a look at my website. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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