Things to do in Denver during the winter

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Winter is here and now it’s time to look for things to do during the cold months. So, here are my my top 8 things to do in Denver co during the cold winter.

Things to do in Denver Co during the winter

Molly Brown House Museum in Denver

Visit the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver, and it’s like going back to the old days, around a hundred years ago. Molly Brown, who survived the Titanic, used to live there, and now the museum lets you see what her life was like. The house is really old and looks cool, and inside, there’s old furniture and decorations from a long time ago. You can learn about Molly’s life and the times she lived in. If you join a tour, they’ll tell you interesting stories about Molly, like when she was young and how she helped with important issues. It’s not just for history lovers – anyone who’s curious about what Denver was like in the past will find the Molly Brown House Museum a fun place to explore.

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a really fun place full of art and interesting things. It’s right in the middle of Denver and is like a big collection of paintings, sculptures, and other awesome artworks. Inside, there are large rooms with lots of colorful and cool pieces from different times and places. You might see old things, pretty paintings, or even new sculptures that make you think. The museum is good for everyone – kids, grown-ups, and anyone who likes art or just wants to see something different. Sometimes, they have special shows, events, and things to do that make each visit special.

Downtown Aquarium

The Denver Downtown Aquarium is super cool and one of our top picks. You get to see lots of colorful fish and cool sea creatures. There are sea turtles, tropical fish, sharks, and even playful otters! It’s a great place for kids to let their imaginations run wild. We especially like checking out the sharks and getting to touch stingrays. Sometimes, they even have mermaid shows a few times a year, which my daughter loves. After all the exploring, we make sure to grab lunch at the restaurant. Our favorite spot is by the entrance, where you can watch the sharks swim while you eat. And this is for sure one of my kids favorite things to do in Denver co.

Afternoon tea at the Brown Palace

Experience the charm of tradition at The Brown Palace in Denver, where tea is like an art. This old hotel is right in the city center and offers a fancy getaway with really good teas and great service. The tea room is warm and has that old-fashioned look, and the smells of the fresh teas might make you feel like you’re in the past. They’ve picked out the teas with care, and the snacks, like pastries and finger sandwiches, are made just right for a special experience. Whether you know a lot about tea or just like it sometimes, The Brown Palace’s tea service is a fun way to enjoy something fancy and tasty in Denver. I always make a reservation before we go there and this is one of my favorite things to do in Denver co.

Hot Cocoa at Union Station

Get all warm and cozy in Denver at Union Station with a yummy cup of hot cocoa. When you walk into this really old train station, you can smell the delicious chocolate in the air. It’s a perfect place to chill and enjoy a hot cocoa with whipped cream or cocoa powder on top. Whether you’re taking a break from checking out the city or just want a tasty treat, Union Station’s hot cocoa is a great pick. It’s a busy place, and that makes it even more fun. You can just sit back, watch people, and savor a simple pleasure – a delicious cup of hot cocoa right in the middle of Denver. My kids always enjoy going there.

Ice Skating at Skyline Park

Get ready for some icy fun at Skyline Park in Denver – it’s time to go ice skating! Put on your skates and skate around in the middle of the city. Skyline Park becomes a snowy place, with the city lights shining all around. It’s okay if you’re really good at skating or just starting – the ice rink is good for everyone. Slide and spin under the open sky while the city hums around you. It’s a great place to go with your family, on a date, or just with friends. The happy atmosphere and cold breeze make it a fun time. If you don’t have your own skates, that’s okay – you can usually rent them. So, bundle up, enjoy the winter feelings, and have a chilly and fun day at Skyline Park with friends or family.

Denver Selfie Museum

The Selfie Museum in Denver is a really fun place where you can take cool pictures. It’s right in the middle of the city, and every room is made to help you take awesome selfies. The rooms have bright colors, cool themes, and things you can interact with to make your pictures look amazing. You can stand in front of interesting backgrounds, be a part of creative scenes, and have a lot of fun with your imagination. The museum has cool things like funny props and creative displays everywhere.

Stanley Marketplace

Stanley Marketplace is in Aurora, but super close to Denver, and it is a super cool place where lots of exciting things happen. It’s like a big building where local stores, yummy food places, and interesting shops all hang out together. The vibe is happy and friendly, perfect for going with your family or just chilling with your friends. You can check out all kinds of stores with handmade stuff and cool clothes. And when you get hungry, there are lots of different places to eat with really tasty food. The inside is open and colorful, and you can have a great time exploring, eating, and enjoying the fun atmosphere. If you live nearby and want a new favorite place to go, or if you’re visiting and want to see what’s cool around here, Stanley Marketplace is a spot you shouldn’t miss. If it’s not too cold, I take my kids to play outside in their outdoor playground which is super fun.

Things to do in Denver Co during the winter

You have a few good options sharing things to do in Denver co that are really fun for families or friends. Now, the next thing to do is to schedule a winter family session. I promise that l will deliver beautiful family pictures worth of decorating your walls.

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