Splash Parks in Parker for a kid-friendly day filled with fun

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Hey, Moms! It’s summer and children are begging to go outside and have some fun, so it’s time to find some local splash parks in Parker. There aren’t many Splash Parks in Parker, so I will list here our go-to in Parker and some others close by that I always take my kids throughout the summer. Let’s start!


Discovery Park

Located beside the Douglas County Library in Parker, Colorado, the Discovery Park Splash Area is certainly fun and relaxing for families. Here, you can beat the summer heat and create cherished memories. The interactive water features, such as spraying jets and playful fountains, keep kids of all ages engaged. Meanwhile, parents can keep a watchful eye on their little ones from the nearby shaded seating areas. Moreover, its proximity to the library adds an educational twist, combining outdoor play with reading and learning opportunities. Overall, the Discovery Park Splash Area is an inviting retreat for families in Parker, blending water-filled adventures with literary exploration in one delightful location.

Centennial Center Park

Located in Centennial, Colorado, the Splash Park at Centennial Park is perfect for families seeking fun and relief from the heat. This vibrant water playground offers an array of exciting features, including spraying fountains and interactive water structures, guaranteeing hours of lasting enjoyment for children of all ages. With its convenient location, shaded seating areas, and lush green spaces, the park provides the perfect setting for picnics and outdoor gatherings. Whether you’re looking to cool off or play, the Splash Park at Centennial Park is a must-visit destination for summertime fun in Centennial.

Civic Green Park

Civic Green Park seamlessly blends nature, culture, and community, conveniently located next to the Douglas County Library. It offers green spaces, walking paths, a pond, and splash pads. The well-maintained amphitheater hosts concerts and cultural events, fostering a sense of togetherness and joy. Whether seeking tranquility or a cultural experience, Civic Green Park, alongside the public library in Highlands Ranch, offers a perfect blend of nature, knowledge, and community engagement.

Westlands Park

Westlands Park in Greenwood Village provides a perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities. With lush green spaces, serene walking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and a picturesque pond, the park caters to various outdoor activities. It’s ideal for gatherings with picnic areas and barbecue spots, offering something for everyone, whether seeking a peaceful retreat or engaging in active play. 

Red-tailed Hawk Park

This splash pad is a perfect spot for families to beat the heat and enjoy some water-filled fun together. Children of all ages can delight in the interactive water features, while parents can relax nearby and watch their little ones play. With its inviting atmosphere and family-friendly amenities, the splash pad at Red-Tailed Hawk Park offers a great way to cool off and create cherished memories during the summer months in Aurora.


What do you think of these suggestions? After some fun it’s time to start planning your next family session. So, if you’re looking for a child, family or senior photographer, please take a look at my website. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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