11 Awesome Denver Summer Camps

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Hey, families! Searching for Denver summer camps can be tiring, but Denver offers an excellent variety throughout the city. Remember that some camps fill up quickly or have waitlists, so stay alert. Based on personal experience and recommendations from other parents, here are some of my favorite camps.

Denver Summer Camps

Denver Art Museum 

The Denver Art Museum’s Summer Camp presents an excellent opportunity for nurturing your kids’ artistic talents. Throughout these weeklong day camps, children are encouraged to explore their creativity and express themselves through various mediums. From sculpting to delving into the natural world’s artistic connections and crafting museum-inspired activities, the options are endless.

Led by experienced teachers and artists, these camps offer a rich blend of gallery exploration and hands-on art creation in the workshop. This ensures campers engage with art in diverse and meaningful ways. With camps catering to children aged 5 to 11 as well as teens, there’s something for everyone. Registration is currently open, but spaces are limited. Act fast and visit their website to secure a spot for your child in this enriching artistic experience.

Craftsman & Apprentice 

The Craftsman & Apprentice, a cherished family-owned establishment, empowers kids to engage in hands-on activities, foster creativity, and embrace the joy of crafting. Over the past decade, they’ve organized countless workshops, camps, and classes across the Front Range, collaborating with museums, libraries, schools, and businesses.

At The Craftsman & Apprentice, children are organized by age group and encouraged to utilize fundamental tools and low-temperature glue, prioritizing safety throughout the process. So, for further insights, visit their website. Take advantage of seeing their shop and witnessing their remarkable setup.

Butterfly Pavilion 

At the Butterfly Pavilion, there’s so much to do and look at. My kids love watching the butterflies and can spend hours there. The camps they offer are really amazing because they help kids connect with nature and learn about science, especially about bugs and other small creatures.

Designed for children aged 5 to 12, these sought-after summer camps feature limited availability and present a diverse range of captivating subjects across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) fields.

Denver Nature and Science Museum

The Nature and Science Museum hosts an ideal summer camp for curious kids eager to explore nature and science. It’s an exciting blend of adventure and learning, engaging children in hands-on experiences. Campers delve deeper into the wonders of science and nature through stimulating activities.

Our summer camps are led by a team of dedicated and experienced instructors who are passionate about nurturing young minds. They create a supportive environment where children are encouraged to explore, question, and express their creativity freely. Each child can participate for a maximum of three weeks. Registration typically opens around January each year, but spots for 2024 are already filled. Keep an eye out for 2025 to secure a spot for your child in this enriching experience!

Mad Science of Colorado

Their camps cater to children from kindergarten to 6th grade and are held at various locations throughout the city, offering STEM learning opportunities. These hands-on science camps for K-5th graders provide an exciting mix of exploration, discovery, and fun. According to their website, the camps offer a unique chance for kids to make new friends, boost confidence, and foster a lifelong passion for science.

Focusing on STEM learning, these camps are available at multiple citywide locations and offer extended care options. Nine different camps combine classroom discovery, outdoor games, physical activities, and practical applications of scientific principles.

Apex Denver Parkour Camps

They offer camps for kids and teens, ensuring something for everyone regardless of age or skill level. Morning and afternoon sessions available throughout the week make it easy to fit around work and other activities. These camps combine structured parkour lessons to improve skills, free training time, and exciting games.

The camps run from May 27 to August 16. Their parkour gym is packed with ninja warrior-style obstacles, providing entertainment for kids and teens aged 6 to 15.

Colorado Academy Summer Programs

Their main goal is to help kids feel good about themselves. Colorado Academy (CA) has been offering summer activities for kids in the Denver area since 1951. Their 94-acre campus in southwest Denver is the perfect place for kids to learn, have fun, and evolve more confident. With teachers who know a lot and counselors who care, every child gets the attention they need to do well.

On their website, you can find a fantastic list of camps. Many parents recommend them, and some even travel a long way so their kids can join in. They have eight tennis courts and rackets to use, a baseball field, a theater, four computer labs, art rooms, a place for music, a photo studio, a digital lab, a swimming program with lifeguards, an archery field and gear, and five big fields to play on.

Denver Kids Camps – Rising Sun Kids

At Rising Sun Kids, their goal is to help kids grow in every way. Their camps, classes, and events are all designed to help kids connect their minds, bodies, and spirits.

So, they have many options for you and your kids at Rising Sun Kids. They also have an exciting week of learning at Cherry Creek State Park, which kids always love. They also have on-site summer camps for groups of up to 10 kids, and these camps are just like their regular Rising Sun Kids Summer camp, but they’re held in the safety and comfort of your neighborhood. You can choose between half-day and full-day camps and pick the best location. Please take a look at their website for more detailed information.

Noteable Kids Art Center

This place in Greenwood Village offers theater, arts, and music camps for kids aged 5 to 15. The camps run for one or two weeks, full days, or half days. They have many different camps like Wish Musical Activity Camp, Hamilton Musical Revue Camp, Barbie Musical Activity Camp, Encanto Musical Activity Camp, Wicked Theatre Activity Camp, Harry Potter & The Chamber Theatre Activity Camp, and Mythical Creatures Art Camp. And before you sign up for any camp, you can try a class for free. If your kids like music and art, enrolling them at this art center is a fun and fantastic idea.

Skyhawks & SuperTots Sports – Denver

Skyhawks offers many sports, including Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Mini-Hawk, Pickleball, Skyhawks Fit Kids, Skyhawks Game On!, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball. SuperTots also has programs in Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, and Volleyball. These programs are available everywhere, from Fort Collins to Denver, Colorado Springs, and everywhere. Just remember, the sports might vary depending on where you are.

Skyhawks Sports Academy aims to help families stay active, grow personally, and support their communities. So, if you want to keep moving, Skyhawks is an excellent option.

Ta Da Gymnastics Studio

Ta Da Gymnastics Studio is an excellent place for energetic kids. They offer a variety of classes, such as ninja camps, Lego camps, and traditional gymnastics groups, so there’s something for everyone. Their main goal is to help kids feel more confident and improve their skills in a safe place. With camps at two locations—Highlands and Broadway—for kids aged 5 to 12, Ta Da Gymnastics Studio is perfect for kids who enjoy trying new things.

Denver Summer Camps

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for Denver summer camps and were able to find the right one for your kids. Also, are you looking for an additional way to make some memories? Why not book some pictures? I’m a Denver-based photographer and love working with families to capture beautiful moments. If you’ve been considering booking some portraits with your favorite people, let’s chat so you can see if we’ll be a good match.

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